About Us

Why open this business?

We want to have fun, plain and simple.  

All about our customers

We are here to help you have a great time.  Whether you visit us for a recreational event, private party or join one of our leagues our goal is to provide a unique experience that only our staff can deliver.

Speaking of staff....

We have found a team of awesome locals to help us bring this place alive.  Just wait til you meet them!

Why Axe Throwing?

It's fun

What else is unique, new and exciting??  Come check it out for yourself!  

It's safe

This is a game, a regulated game.  We are members of the World Axe Throwing League and we follow all of the rules and regulations to ensure we are providing a fun and safe experience.

It's an adventure

Axes and awesome people...no brainer!  We are doing this for fun, ours and yours :)

The perfect date

Wanna impress ur date?  Can't think of a cooler way to set up a ridiculously memorable first date!

Can kids play?

We have a Tavern D liquor license which means no one under 21 on the days we are allowed to serve beer and wine.  We will have 'family day' the second Sunday of each month, and if it we need to have it more often we certainly will!. The age limit will be 12 and older on family days.

Memories, it's what matters in life

Life is short.  Have fun, live hard, play hard and laugh as much as you can.  We are obsessed with having fun. 

Proud members